Repeal AB 5
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The Repeal of AB5

Everyone has the right to do a job they enjoy, be paid a fair wage and join a trade union (if they want to). AB5 destabilized the flexibility of the 'gig economy' as small businesses crashed, the lives of work-from-home professionals were thrown into doubt and all forms of art and entertainment was belittled and forced to contract. 

Rather than creating several new shades of lipstick to put on this pig of a bill, the law should be repealed and reintroduced with everything backwards: Employees and/or companies should have the OPTION to petition the state if they want to reclassify. The Dynamex decision should have no part in this. These stories explain why:

Addressing Homelessness For Real

Endless pontificating has been taking place about the homeless capital America, but we talk about the homeless like they're cockroaches and not human beings, some of which have great potential. Has anyone bothered to survey them? With communication and actual programs that work we can start allocating money in the right direction. 

This would begin with a thorough audit of all homeless spending, which Sacramento is currently resistant to, I would also support detox centers, job skill training, designated campuses that would keep them off the street and be open to paying them to clean their environment. 

To offer some type of nutrition I would like to apply the JBJ Soul Kitchen model where patrons who can't afford to pay can either work off their meal in the back or have their meal sponsored by another patron.

Curbing Illegal Immigration

You have a basic human right to move where you want and feel safe and free to build the life you choose. If you do so illegally that puts you and the state at risk. Citizenship should be granted to those who prove that they have the soul of an America, ie they work hard, contribute and make our country better. Citizenship needs to be earned and this should be done through a more streamlined naturalization process followed by easier ways to find legal work. California is home to over 4 million illegal immigrants which is why reform and reducing the undocumented is paramount. 

Protecting The 2nd Amendment

This is an extremely misunderstood issue, but understand one fact: criminals break laws, not law-abiding citizens. California already has some of the strictest gun laws in the country and they are not done yet. Gun owners are proficient, responsible and have jumped through the necessary hoops to safely own a firearm.  


Why is that California has an $18 billion surplus yet at the same time is the state with the most poverty? Could it have something to do with the fact that they are the only state that is not transparent with its tax dollar transactions? Let's discontinue the mystery about where all the money is allocated and create a real-time tracker so citizens are in the know.

The Return of Medical Freedom & Parental Rights

In the California's olden days (2018), doctors would abide by the Hippocratic Oath and do what was in the best interest of their patient without fear of scrutiny. The recent legislation of SB 276 & SB 714 polices doctors if they so dare as exempt a few children from vaccination for medical reasons against a much stricter criteria. 

This is not a comment on vaccines, but rather vaccine policy. Vaccines are a useful way to prevent diseases. I vaccinated my child over 20 times in the first three years of his life. However, due to an injury I had to stop. That would be okay for most states, but California considers my child a public health risk. So his days as a healthy child being allowed to go to school are numbered. 

The debate is not complex: either you believe the government has a right to dictate what medical procedures you and your family should undergo or you don't. It's Medical Freedom vs Medical Tyranny. If this issue upsets some, I will abstain from using the word vaccine and in place say ‘Vaseline.’ Here's a video on what went down: