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How Did Evan Get Here?


Evan Wecksell grew up in Great Neck, Long Island with three younger sisters whom he irritated to varying degrees. He got his first taste of employment as a camp counselor at Buckley Country Day Camp in Roslyn, NY. After graduating from Great Neck South, he attended Tufts University where he majored in Child Development with a double-major in Psychology. He graduated with honors.

Following Tufts, Evan’s first work experience was as a Fan Development Intern with the National Hockey League. He worked out of their Manhattan headquarters and was in their offices the day of 9/11. From the NHL he took a sports marketing seminar at New York University and it was during the final presentation that he uncovered his knack for comedy and promptly began a comedy career by taking a class at The Comic Strip on NYC’s Upper Eastside concurrent to starting a new job with New York Road Runners.

Despite both careers taking off, Evan took an opportunity to follow his wife to Los Angeles where he would continue his comedy and work other side jobs. One job involved working as a private tutor where he gained continual firsthand experience as to why today’s student can struggle academically.

Fast forward over a decade, Evan, still a comedian, has performed in 48 states. Evan, also a tutor, has served hundred of students across 50 subjects for over 6000 hours of tutoring earning over 1000 five-star reviews. He is even in the top 1% of all tutors on the international online tutoring platform Wyzant

A prolific self-starter, Evan continues to tour his comedy and educate students through his own tutoring company ‘Evan’s Breakthrough Tutoring.’ He has also hosted almost 100 episodes of his podcast ‘Socially Awkward with Evan Wecksell,’ written two paperbacks about New York sports talk radio host Mike Francesa and has even been selling a product on Amazon under his ‘Because That’s Why’ moniker. 

Despite his numerous individual endeavors, he knows that this next undertaking will take maximum effort, incredible empathy and cogent viewpoints. California is under attack. And Evan can wear as many hats as are necessary to fight for you.

It’s no longer about flipping a seat red or blue. It’s about flipping Sacramento back to the people.

Your rights matter.

PS Evan is married to the immensely talented actress/writer/director Kelly Meyersfield. They have a son Beckett Sage who is going through a cursing phase.

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