Your Rights Matter!

Your Rights Matter!

Your Rights Matter!Your Rights Matter!Your Rights Matter!

What's Going on Here?

I am not a politician. 

[Pause for applause.]

What I am is someone who has had enough of the current regime letting special interest dictate the direction of the state. 

I will support your ideas, fight for the needs of your community and earn your respect in the pro. 

We're flipping this district back to the people!

Your Rights Matter

The Right to Work

California thinks it knows what is best for you. They want the state to be one giant union. That's not how life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness works.

The Right to Privacy

The state wants to enter your personal information into lifetime registries and conduct superfluous background checks. They also seek to censor your online communication. 

The Right To An Education

The right to choose where to go to school should not be attained through medical tyranny and coercion. Manufactured propaganda must be silenced and choice must be restored.

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